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Creating a Secure Financial Future Through Multifamily Investments

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Building your legacy

We look for investments that can help investors build a legacy for themselves.  Our ideal investment gives you an equity position that lasts well after your capital is returned.  We want you to build a legacy with us.

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Increasing value through forced appreciation

Multifamily investing allows us to use numerous strategies to create the best experience for our communities and investors.  We use these strategies to create value and maximize returns.
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investing with integrity

Managing capital is serious business.  We focus on establishing trust and being transparent with all our investors.  We believe in honest communication and always doing the right thing. Our business is built on the golden rule.
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Coronavirus Impact on Multifamily Compared to Other Asset Classes

When the Coronavirus was first identified and people across the US were required to stay home, there were concerns about how this would affect the housing market. What has happened

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How Bad Is The Affordable Housing Crisis In The US?

There's no denying that people across the US are facing a housing crisis. As a renter, you may well find yourself paying 30% or more of your income just to


How To Buy Convert An Existing Apartment Community Into Affordable Housing

In recent years, affordable housing has become a key issue across the US. More and more people are looking to live in urban areas, so more housing is needed. With


What Other Investments Returns Can Compare to Multifamily?

There is no denying that Multifamily Investments will pay off in the long run. As they offer steady payments over time, you'll seen that return sooner rather than later. If

Tertiary Markets and Secondary Markets in Real Estate Investment

“Location, location, location.” This cliché is often used throughout the world of real estate, often in relation to where the best investments are. New investors sometimes believe that investing in

What’s the Link Between Federal Interest Rate Policy and Recession?

On March 15, 2020, the Federal Reserve announced that it was cutting its benchmark interest rate to 0%. The decision was made as the government moves to offset the economic

LIV at Valley Ranch

529 Units  - Irving, TX

Park Village

350 Units - Duncanville, TX

Evergreen Apartments

48 Units - Hopkinsville, KY