Don’t take it from us, our clients love to share their success with SnS Capital Partners

Rob Beardsley

“S&S (Jason Stubblefield) is a great partner to work with on multifamily deals. We have invested with Jason, and he has executed his business plan and has been transparent in his reporting. We look forward to working with Jason again soon!”

Emanuel Monteiro

“I am an LP in 48 units in KY, and Jason is the GP. I am extremely pleased with how Jason has managed his business plan for these 48 units. The execution of the business plan has so effective that in two years, Investors have received more than 50% of their initial investment. Emanuel Monteiro”

Steven Winslow

“Jason was great to work with on a capital raise last year.”

Kwame Searcy

“Great communication and appreciate the returns. Keep it up.”

Todd Beardsley

“Investing with Jason and his team was a great call. They have been wonderful sponsors with regular updates and distributions. I can’t wait for their next deal!”


“Jason and his team have been a joy to work with from our first connection at a meet up, through investing in their syndication and even now as the syndication plan is being executed. I’m always informed and it’s easy to get any answers or assistance needed. I look forward to a long and fruitful Investing relationship to come!”

Kevin Gannon

“I am very excited to lend my voice towards any and all of Jason’s efforts, He was referred to my attention by impeccable sources and has proven repeatedly an excellent steward of my interests. The level and frequency of communications have been thorough ,informative and direct. I as an investor remain convinced that any enterprise will be conducted with the utmost professionalism and profitability.When the dividend check exceeds your best expectation , how do you think I feel :)”


Who We Are


S&S Capital Partners specializes in purchasing and improving multifamily properties. Our focus is on acquiring income-producing properties and reaching stabilization within three to five years. Our affordable housing creates jobs that serve our tenants, making timely repairs and upgrades. We pride ourselves on providing a better rental experience for tenants while increasing revenue through added value and forced appreciation.


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  • The Cap Rate – The most important rental analysis tool in real estate and its power
  • How to sufficiently vet a sponsor before entrusting your capital
  • The Difference between Syndication and REIT
  • The Process of Making an Investment
  • & Much more!


    Do you want to build a legacy? This starts with building wealth.  S&S Partners helps you do just that. We help you invest in multifamily housing properties and enjoy real growth and financial security. It is all about making the right investment decisions and properly utilizing tax codes to continue your wealth building. With our help, you can make gains and pass your wealth to the next generation.

    We source investments that can help you build that legacy, along with returns on your capital.  

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    Multifamily housing sometimes takes a while to appreciate. Forced appreciation involves making changes and upgrades to increase the net operating income. With numerous strategies, we create the best experience for our communities and our investors. We use these strategies to create value and maximize returns.

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    Integrity is critical in real estate investing.  We take managing capital seriously.  We start by establishing trust and continue with transparency with our investors through all dealings.  Honest communication and doing the right thing are important to us as our business is built on the golden rule.

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    LIV at Valley Ranch

    LIV at Valley Ranch

    529 Units  - Irving, TX

    Park Village

    Park Village

    350 Units - Duncanville, TX

    Evergreen Apartments

    Evergreen Apartments

    48 Units - Hopkinsville, KY


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